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The wonderful thing about having a web page is providing links to other resources on the same subject. We would also like to provide useful links to our customers and we hope to be a part of promoting the Hill Country area of Texas. If you are interested in linking to our page or providing a reciprocating link, please contact Nita Nelson Ryder  at the Double N Ranch.

More about Miniature Donkeys

The American Donkey and Mule Society
The American Donkey and Mule Society page is the home of The Brayer one of the top miniature donkey magazines today. In addition this site hosts the leading Miniature Donkey Registry. (these pages do load a little slow so hang in there.)
National Miniature Donkey Association
The National Miniature Donkey Association is a nonprofit organization. NMDA has a close working relationship with the American Donkey & Mule Society in its stewardship of the original Miniature Donkey Registry established in 1958. NMDA publishes a quarterly magazine, the Asset, which is free to all members.
International Miniature Donkey Association
Miniature Donkey Talk magazine and The International Miniature Donkey Registry along with Pheasant Meadow Farm in Westminster, Maryland USA welcomes you! This is the home of the largest and most comprehensive miniature donkey site on the internet.

American Council of Spotted Asses, Inc.

"Put Color in Your Life"  The American Council of Spotted Asses, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Spotted Ass, (Donkey/Burro) and Half-Ass, (Mule & Hinny).







                                                                                           Karnes City, Texas




                                                                              Austin, Texas 

                                                                                  Hickory Hill Donkey Farm

                                                                                                 Flynn, Texas     









Little Friends Ranch
Almo, Kentucky


                                                         "Where We Love and Raise Miniature Donkeys"













                                                                             Hidden Acres Farm

                                                                              Barre, Massachusetts













                                                                Miniature Donkey Breeders





                                                                  Granny's Website for Music



PoPo's Restaurant
Wonderful family atmosphere. Po' Po's Family restaurant offers down home cooking in a beautiful Texas Hill Country setting.
IH 10, Welfare Exit
(830) 537-4194

Shopping Fun

The HayNet
Your guide to fine equine merchants. The largest selection of products, additional links, and clubs.

Friends of the Double N Ranch

The Donkey Sanctuary
A registered charity whose purpose is the care and protection of donkeys. The Donkey Sanctuary works in conjunction with such organizations as The International Donkey Protection Trust (IDPT) which provides a veterinary and educational service for the benefit of working donkeys owned by the poorest sectors of the population. Check out this wonderful site for more information