Our  Herd Sires




We are proud of our Herd Sires and breeding program at the Double N.  Our goal is to produce the best possible miniature donkey with absolutely no inbreeding.  We also keep meticulous breeding records.  Our Jacks have excellent conformation and dispositions and are bred to Jennets to complement conformation, color and size.      


bullet Name: Double N Patton's Prince
bullet Height: 33"
bullet Color: Brown



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    bullet Name: Double N Junior
    bullet Height: 33 1/2"
    bullet Color: Black
Perhaps the Jack with the most outstanding record at Double N Ranch is Junior. He is trained to cart and has won numerous awards in pleasure and obstacle driving. It's his winning personality that makes him a hit with everyone at the ranch!  Contact the Double N Ranch for breeding information


    bullet Name: Double N Texas Awesome
    bullet Height: 32 1/2"
    bullet Color: Spot Brown and White
    bullet Double Registered

Texas Awesome is one of the now popular spot colored Jacks. His Sire is Double N Ditto.  His babies

have tiny heads, very good conformation, plus sweet dispositions.
Contact the Double N Ranch for breeding information

    bullet Name: Double N Cactus Jack
    bullet Height: 33 3/4"
    bullet Color: Brown
1998 State Fair of Texas 3rd in Jacks - 2 yrs. and older (out of 22 entries). 
 Contact the Double N Ranch for breeding information




   Name:  Double N It'saSecret

    Color:  Spotted Black and White 

     Double Registered






We personally invite you to contact us for a visit to our Hill Country Ranch
to view these special donkeys and enjoy the scenery.


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30 Waring Welfare Rd.
Boerne, Texas 78006-7924
Phone: 210/373-3170